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An intense, yet lighthearted romp through the world of J.R.R. Tolkein's "The Lord of the Rings"



If you've played any of the Lego video games by Traveler's Tails; then you know what I'll be shooting for. Nonetheless, I'm interested to see how the nature of the story will effect the mechanics of the game.


Similar to the above, if you've read the books then you'll know the story, and if you haven't, well, get crackin'! I plan on following Peter Jackson's interpretation most closely, but you'll find references to events\characters he omitted.


Essentially every major character will make an appearance of some kind, and most of them will be playable. For a complete list; Lego: LOTR Characters

Level Design

Upon opening a new file, the player finds himself playing "Old Bilbo" and Frodo in the Shire. In their home of Bag-end there will be four rooms down the hall, each of which contains one of the Books of the Story. Opening one of the books gives you the Table of Contents, from which you pick which chapter to embark on. Other homes\locals in the Shire will provide such features as Shops, Trophy Viewing, and Character Creators.

The Books and Chapters are as Follows:

The Fellowship of the Ring

   o	        A Long Expected Party
   o    	At the Sign of the Prancing Pony
   o    	Flight to the Ford
   o    	The Ring Goes South
   o    	The Mines of Moria
   o	        The Breaking of the Fellowship

The Two Towers

   o	        The Uruk-Hai
   o	        Fangorn Forest
   o    	The Passage of the Marshes
   o    	The Forbidden Pool
   o    	Osgiliath
   o    	Helms Deep

The Return of the King

   o    	The Haunted Mountain
   o    	The Stairs of Cirith Ungol
   o    	The Siege of Gondor
   o    	Shelob’s Lair
   o    	The Black Gate Opens
   o    	The Crack of Doom

As well as a "bonus book" that is unlocked by collecting all of the "Red Books" found throughout the game: • The Hobbit

   o    	An Unexpected Party
   o    	Trolls!
   o    	Riddles in the Dark
   o    	Mirkwood
   o    	On the Doorstep
   o    	Fire and Water

For a detailed description of the individual chapters; see Lego: LOTR Chapters

Player Interface and Controls

So far, the controls are still flexible for further change, and I'm not 100% positive what all will be required as far as interface goes. The basic controls are as follows:

-WASD: Movement relative to a camera.

-Mouse: Move cursor over targets (Ranged Attacks, Magic, etc)

-LMB: Primary Attack

-RMB: Special Ability

-Space: Jump

-E: Switch Character

-Enter: Pause Menu

Existing controls will be edited, and more controls will be added as they are "discovered."

I'm not sure how or whether to implement TT's version of Lego Games traditional 1-2 player drop in/drop out system. There is, after all, only one mouse to most computers. :P


Alright! So now we're a duo; Vresikon and more recently XMegamaniX! It's still a huge workload for just two people, so if anyone else wants to sign up, by all means come! We'll be more than happy to get together with you.

I'm afraid that promises concerning payment are none at best. I am obviously not affiliated with Lego, Traveler's Tales, or whoever owns the copyrights to the characters. It would be awesome if we could somehow sell the idea to them at a later date(Unlikely), so the best I can promise is great fun, full credit, and possibly your choice of Doughnut.


So far, I'm working through the Pre-developement stages, however haphazardly; but I've also modelled, textured, and rigged one version of Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin respectively. A detailed progress bar of the various aspects of the game can be found here: Lego: LOTR progress

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